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PSPs replace books in Royal Navy

Weapon of mass distraction

The Royal Navy's maritime warfare school at HMS Collingwood has picked up a batch of metallic blue PSPs as part of an initiative to encourage sailors to study.

A staggering failure rate at the military school prompted officials to take a different approach to teaching, reports the Times Online. With a new generation of sailors, it's hoped that PSP study guides will encourage learning.

Portability is being touted as a factor too, with the ability to load up files on a memory stick a more attractive option than carrying a stack of books aboard a ship.

Lieutenant-Commander Mark Williams who spearheaded the move, says there won't be any block on gaming. "I thought if we dont disable it, itll be better looked after," he surmises. Even if the Royal Navy decided to disable the UMD drive, Commander Williams guesses the engineering students would find a way around it anyway.

So when you get owned by r0yal_pa1n next time you play SOCOM: US Navy SEALs Tactical Strike, you know who's doing the shooting.

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