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Seizures over Valve source leak

FBI up the ante

The FBI have apparently been taking the theft of Valve's Half-Life 2 source code before Christmas very seriously, if this Slashdot report is anything to go by. According to the news, a San Francisco man had nine PCs and other equipment confiscated by the Bureaux, in connection with the code and its subsequent distribution online.

Elsewhere, scans of the search warrants issued confirm that the FBI were searching for "...any IP addresses related to any of the Valve internal or external networks... Valve passwords and/or usernames... any and all items... related to Valve Software, Half-Life, Half-Life 2".

Finally, in a separate incident, a posting on Hungry.com reveals that many programmers part of the group were raided on January 14th by the intelligence services, and had numerous items of hardware confiscated. These incidents too are part of on-going investigations.

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