EA considering opening up SimCity for user generated content and modding

Content and mods should not disrupt the experiences of other gamers says EA

EA is considering opening up SimCity for the gaming community to generate their own content and mods.

Maxis has revealed that they will discuss user generated content and modding support for SimCity and EA has even drawn up some draft guidelines for UGC and modding.

“Our goal is to ensure that we provide a place for all of our players to have fun while assuring them that the gameplay experience is safe and has integrity,” said Maxis in a blog post. “It’s difficult to determine what makes a ‘good’ or safe mod and what mods cross the line. Clarifying guidelines for UGC will help players understand where that line is and protect both our UGC and non-UGC community. Ultimately we want everyone to have fun with the game, no matter how you play it.” EA considering opening up SimCity for user generated content and modding

The basic guidelines so far suggest that mods and user generated content should not jeopardise the the intergrity of the game or the experience for other users and that UGC cannot alter the experience for multiplayer games.

This could be an interesting proposition as it will be the first time that Maxis and EA have attempted to offer support for modding and UGC in a game that is always online.

Thanks GamesBeat.

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