New game trademarks revealed

The fun of the Patents and Trademarks office

Since all the fun generated by the recent GTA trademark revelations at the US Patents office, perusing their online database for scoops on new games has become something of a fascination for those among us with time to burn. The latest round of endeavour hasn't quite reached the excitement-levels of the GTA expose, but has certainly offered a few potential sequels in the offing.

First up is Midway's registration of Mortal Kombat: Deception, filed on January 7th - and heavily suggesting that a new beat-em-up in their popular series is under way bearing this moniker. Travelling across the Pacific to the Japanese database, and we've also learnt that Namco have registered what could well be an R: Racing sequel, titled R: Racing Rivals, which was submitted last November.

How exciting all this digging is - try it for yourself here, its more than a little compelling.

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