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Brink developer unsure over PS3 tech

Innards of breadbin are 'alien'

Paul Wedgwood, boss of Brink creators Splash Damage, has admitted that working with the PS3 is proving something of a development challenge, describing the system as 'alien'.

"I would say that the biggest challenge is that transition from being a pure PC studio to a multiplatform one," Wedgwood told on the challenges his outfit have faced.

"To me as a game director there are some things that are just alien, like PlayStation 3 technology and job systems, that I find it really difficult to get my head around."

Wedgwood did of course start out as something of a mod scene pioneer on the PC, but luckily "we have Dean Calver who was lead programmer on Heavenly Sword as lead programmer on Brink."

More Brink news very soon.

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