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BioWare coy about Mass Effect PS3

Too cute by half

Discussing the development of the PS3 version of Dragon Age: Origins, Destructoid pressed BioWare's Greg Zeschuk about the company's plans for Mass Effect on PS3 and his reply was less than convincing.

Zeschuk confirmed future iterations of the Dragon Age series will appear on PS3, but it was his response regarding a multi-platform Mass Effect that got our attention.

"We're not saying anything about Mass Effect for PS3. I don't know anything about that!" As if that wasn't enough of a dodge, Zeschuk rails, "That's crazy talk."

BioWare and parent company EA have yet to announce a release for Mass Effect 2 on platforms other than Xbox 360 and PC, but the recent boost in sales for PS3 make it an attractive proposition. Zeschuk's lukewarm rebuke of a PS3 version could be indicative of a potential Mass Effect debut on the console.

Mass Effect 2 is slated for release in January.

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