New games company focuses on Music

Veteran composer launches studio

A new studio has been formed by veteran game music composer Tim Wright, the man behind the likes of Lemmings and more recently music-production software Music 3000 - which launched on the PS2 courtesy of Jester Interactive. Anyway, Wright and several other key developers on the 'Music' team have now parted company from their publisher, forming a new developer in the North-West called Tantrumedia.

As well as continuing to develop games software in the Music 3000 vein, Wright revealed that new firm will offer other developers a variety of audio-centred services, making Tantrumedia a one-stop shop. "As well as being registered providers for many formats including PlayStation 2 and Xbox, Tantrumedia caters for web based activities, duplication of CDs and printed material, and we're also passing on our expertise through private consultations," explained Wright.

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