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New fighting game coming from A2M

Revenge of the Wounded Dragon spied

WET developers A2M could be hard at work on a brand new, 2D fighter title, word in from US censors the ESRB seemingly giving the game away.

According to the ratings board's website, the new title is to be called Revenge of the Wounded Dragon, with a release on the PS3 mooted.

"This is a 2D fighting game in which players assume the roles of two brothers attempting to avenge their grandfather's death and rescue their sister from the local mafia boss," reads the ESRB description.

"Players frequently punch, kick, and throw enemies as they 'side-scroll' (i.e., walk) forward through the platform city environments; they can also use bottles, bats, knives, Molotov cocktails, pistols, shotguns, and uzi submachine guns to kill the henchmen."

More on this PS3 title, which sounds like it could be a touch retro, just as soon as we get it.

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