Miyamoto unimpressed by 3D future

Designer sees visuals mattering less

The PS3 and a range of other Sony devices may soon be going 3D-crazy, but veteran game designer Shigeru Miyamoto doesn't believe that 3D is the holy grail of video games development.

"I don't think everything needs to be 3D, or that just because we're seeing more 2D games now, that everything's going to shift back to 2D," Miyamoto offered, according to Destructoid.

"Instead, I think that what's going on is that people are realizing the benefits of a 3D game, and at the same time, remembering what the benefits of 2D games were. When going 2D, you need the courage to not be so attached to visual appearance of the games and to really pursue the gameplay experience."

More from Nintendo's talisman soon.

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