New Spec Ops game coming from 2K?

Ancient series revival hinted

A new 2K Games shooter is set to be unveiled at the Video Game Awards stateside on the 12th of December, when Halo: Reach will also get a public airing for the first time.

The new shooter is billed as a special ops-style game, and a teaser video is also available online now.

Details remain scant, although the title is thought to at least in part be set in the middle-east if early CGI footage is indicative.

2K owners Take-Two were once responsible for publishing the Spec Ops series of shooter games, the last iteration of which was released for the PlayStation back in 2001. Could this rumoured title be a revival of this age-old IP, started by Zombie on the PC back in 1998?

More news on this as we get it.

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