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UK spy agency recruiting on Xbox Live

GCHQ plans large campaign

GCHQ, the UK intelligence agency that supports the efforts of MI5 and MI6 (shaken, not stirred), has said it will run a new advertising drive on Xbox Live in order to garner fresh recruits.

Apparently, GCHQ are seeking talent linked to games - problem solving and quick thinking - and is also after the service's key demographic, 18 to 34 year-olds.

"As well as tackling 'traditional threats' GCHQ's work is also about helping government departments, such as the Ministry of Defense, to protect their information and communication systems," a rep offered.

"This means we can offer excellent training and careers for people with specialist technical skills. However, the fact remains that many potential candidates remain unaware of GCHQ and what we do. Using video on Xbox LIVE helps carry our message to the right people in a creative and innovative manner."

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