PlayStation dominates Japanese charts

PS3 and PSP set weekly pace

The latest sales figures are in from the land of the rising sun, the PSP and PS3 vying for the top spot in an all-Sony top two.

For the week ending November 15th, the PSP tops the Japanese hardware chart with nearly 39,000 units sold. The PS3 is second, just a few hundred units behind with over 38,000 consoles sold.

Then there's the DSi third with nearly 34,000, followed by the Wii, off the pace again, with nearly 27,000 units sold.

The PSP Go is next up with over 6,000 units, followed by the DS Lite with over 5,000. Then there's the Xbox 360 with over 4,000 - the PS2 last with just over 2,000. More from Japan as we get it.

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