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PS3 can support 3D - Sony

Firmware will usher in support one day

Speaking with investors, Sony have affirmed that all PS3 consoles can be upgraded to support stereoscopic 3D, via future Firmware updates. Rumours in the past have touched upon this feature.

Sony also state that they will embrace 3D via Blu-ray and HDTV updates in the future, the platform holder looking to set up a leading position in the 3D market.

As part of this initiative, Sony are looking to get their 3D projectors in 3,000 cinemas by the end of the year - CEO Howard Stringer vowing to deliver profitability by March 2011.

A 1 billion USD loss is expected for the year ending March 2010, while Sony pushes ahead with major restructuring.

Thanks Gamasutra.

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