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Valve discuss online pricing of games

Prices can easily go up, using Steam

Speaking with Gamasutra, Valve suit Jason Holtman has said that online players using services like Steam are less likely to worry about the exact price of a game - enabling online stores to move prices up as well as down.

The exec sees gamers complaining less about pricing changes, Valve clearly of the opinion that their PC platform is the future, if Holtman's assertions at the Montreal International Game Summit are taken on face value.

"In a connected market, you can shift prices up and down, and people don't care," he explains.

"You can change prices instantaneously. Customers are incredibly sensitive to pricing. You can adjust the price by five dollars, or a dollar, and you can see the demand curve shift."

The business chief contrasts this model with the rigidity of traditional off-line sales.

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