UK age ratings and anti-filesharing enforced

Digital Economy Bill is coming

Retailers in the UK are once again being banned from selling adult rated games to purchasers over 12 years in age, the new legislation coming as part of the Digital Economy Bill mooted today.

Age ratings had been legally enforceable up until August, when a shake up of EU censorship rules saw the law altered.

Despite this move, shop owners promised to abide by un-passed legislation and not sell games to minors - although theoretically legal.

Video games censorship in the UK has been the subject of quite a few changes in the past year or so, the BBFC ratings ditched in favour of the Europe-wide PEGI standard.

The bill also looks to crackdown on file-sharing of copyrighted media (games, films, music et al), the new laws compelling IPSs to stop persist filesharers. Warning letters will be sent as part of the system, which will look to cut file-sharing by 70 percent by 2011.

Thanks to the BBC.

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