New DJ Hero title for 2010

Guitar Hero boss talks sequels

Speaking with MCV, Guitar Hero CEO Dan Rosensweig has said that new iterations of hit 'Hero' games are in the works for 2010.

Predictably, this includes Activision's DJ Hero, Guitar Hero and Band Hero IPs, although fewer iterations overall are planned - the firm honing in on quality.

"We're working on our 2010 slate now. You will probably see fewer SKUs from us, but the focus on making the best-selling, most fun to play, best-reviewed games will continue. Those are the things that are constant," Rosensweig confirmed.

"[There will be] more DJ Hero, and the next iterations of Guitar and Band are on the way. But we will see how the market plays out. What you will see is the games will live longer and be more vibrant through DLC."

More DLC it is.

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