Uncharted 2 and Wii top the NPD charts

October was a good month for Nintendo

The NPD figures for the month of October are in, and the Wii has reclaimed top spot in hardware sales. The PS3 and Xbox 360 came in second and third, respectively.

All the systems took a bit of a dip in sales compared to the previous month. In September, the PS3 maintained its second place rank, the DS was number one, the Wii third and the 360 was fourth.

As far as software goes, Uncharted 2 is number one for October as opposed to Halo: ODST in September. Uncharted was followed up by Wii Fit Plus and the recent release, Borderlands.

Some games that didn't make the cut were Beatles: Rock Band and Brutal Legend. We'll keep you in the loop on any upcoming news as it comes up.

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