Borderlands DLC locked and loaded for Nov 24

First of several expansions planned

The first batch of downloadable content for rough-and-tumble shooter Borderlands will hit Xbox Live and PlayStation Network on November 24 and 26, respectively.

Entitled The Zombie Isle of Dr. Ned, the download expands the world of Pandora with a new area populated by zombies. You're tasked with helping the well-intended Dr. Ned cure his unwitting zombified patients in the infested Jakobs Cove.

No word on whether new weapons will make it too, but developer Gearbox has pledged additional firearms at some point in the future. This will be the first of several planned DLC packs.

On Xbox Live, it'll set you back 800 MS points. No confirmation of how much it will cost on PS3, though seeing as how it'll be 9.99 USD in the US, it's safe to estimate a 5.99 GBP price tag in the UK.

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