Modern Warfare 2 development aided by Twitter

Bowling talks up role of social network

Community boss Rob Bowling has told Develop that social networking tool Twitter has been key to the creation of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Twitter has apparently helped Infinity Ward keep in touch with the media and fans, as well as being useful as a platform for sounding out ideas surrounding the game.

"I try to be very transparent on Twitter with the game development and what's going on with us. I communicate with our Twitter followers the same way I'd communicate with my office buddies. So if something happens I just throw it out there and opinions come in and we converse," Bowling explains.

"Also during development, if we are sitting in a design meeting and we are arguing about something, no matter what it is I can just turn to what is now 60,000 [now 66,308] people and post the same question."

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