Moore pleased with FIFA Japan success

Demands even greater success

FIFA 10 may be a stalwart in the European charts but the game has often lost out to the Winning Eleven (Pro Evo) series in Japan.

Perhaps not this year, however, EA Sports boss Peter Moore toasting the sports title's high score in Famitsu, which helped propel the new release into the top ten at launch last week.

"Imagine my delight to see Famitsu award the game a platinum rating (36/40), a score only enjoyed by the cream of the crop of games released in Japan. That score obviously caught soccer gamers eyes over there, as the game debuted in the top 10 this week, much to our delight," the top dog tells his blog.

"It is clear we still have work to do in Japan to more fully understand what drives that gamers attraction to sports titles. Let me be clear on this. I recognize that there are many factors that contribute to a gamer's decision to purchase (or not) a particular game, I'd just hate for the gamers in Japan to not get as much enjoyment as the rest of the world out of the best sports game of this console generation."

More from Moore soon.

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