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Rockstar always planned 'Episodes'

Liberty City the home of many plots

Speaking as The Ballad of Gay Tony is released on Xbox Live, exclusively for the Xbox 360, Rockstar have said that 'Episodes' furthering the tale of Grand Theft Auto IV were always planned.

Speaking to CVG, Imran Sarwar says that new stories in episodic form were always "part of the plan", while the original Niko tale was meant to portray a sense of a wider world, beyond the lead character.

"The idea was to use the episodes to reveal the rest of that world, to show some of the characters and events that were invisible to Niko and yet still had a bearing on events in his life," Sarwar explains.

"I think if we had [put all on one disc] it would have been impossible to focus on each separate aspect of gameplay properly, the stories and the gameplay are inextricably linked.

"We've always maintained that Liberty City is the real star of these games, and what makes it truly amazing is that its so full of potential as an environment."

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