Next GTA to depart Liberty City?

Countryside setting for next title

Rumour has it that the next full Grand Theft Auto title, which may or may not be GTA V, could be set elsewhere other than the eponymous Liberty City.

Apparently, on page 13 of the Episodes from Liberty City manual, there is a mock advertisement that hints at a fresh location for the next game.

As evidence, this does of course sound more than a little spurious, although this would fit in with Rockstar's style.

The ad reads: "Liberty City, It's Over! Next Stop..", and there the page is torn, the word 'Seagull' visible amid a seeping through of what looks like a rural setting.

The ad also mentions 'March', but it is unclear whether this means anything or not. Either way, The Ballad of Gay Tony is now with us for GTA IV. More soon.

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