Kojima pleasantly shocked by ZOE enthusiasm

Konami ramp up for third game?

Speaking on his blog, Konami game designer Hideo Kojima has revealed his surprise at the impassioned response to his recent Zone of the Enders chit-chat online.

The veteran game maker revealed in a previous blog post that there is an internal enthusiasm for a new game in the series at Konami, while Kojima also said that he does indeed hope to make a sequel - one day.

"The comments topped the 100 mark, and the access count reached levels of the Tokyo Game Show time. It was picked up in a variety of places, including the net and press, and spread throughout the world," he writes on the reaction this week.

Apparently, Zone of the Enders is such an enticing prospect that other Konami staffers decorated his desk in the style of the game, with developers from other teams begging to be involved. More soon.

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