Jay-Z sees DJ Hero expanding hip-hop

New genres to benefit from release

DJ Hero looms large, and while the critics are divided on how well the new music game will sell, Activision are joined by artists like Jay-Z in proclaiming that the title can expand the reach of hip-hop, RnB and dance.

Jay-Z is involved in the new music game, and he's been telling MTV quite how important he thinks it is: "Immediately, of course, with the success of Guitar Hero, it piqued my interest. Then, you know, on top of that, it was something from the hip hop culture, so any time, you know, I can expand the genre and introduce it to new audiences and widen it.

"You know, the reach of what hip hop can do, you know, I'm interested in that. And then, you know, after playing the game, you really get the feeling, like you know, you can be Grand Master Flash."

The game launches this week in the United States.

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