TIGA urges game dev tax breaks

Cuts could see UK industry grow

UK game developer's friend TIGA have said that the business could decline by up to five percent every year unless the British government offer up tax breaks to aid struggling firms.

If the government do submit to giving game makers a break, then conversely, the organisation believes the industry could actually grow by up to four percent a year. The UK is under increasing pressure, given the tax breaks offered in places like France, Canada and Ireland.

"The UK games industry is still successful and world leading. However, because most of our key competitors benefit from a tax break for games production, our industry is at a competitive disadvantage," offers Gareth Edmondson, TIGA vice chairman.

The exec believes the industry will stop shrinking next year if the government offer tax breaks soon, and Edmondson also urges that this move would create more jobs for young people. More soon.

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