Guitar Hero a hit with the ladies

Girls embrace music series en masse says boss

Video games may be viewed by the mainstream press as the preserve of socially inept teenage boys, but games can be a hit with the ladies too, according to word from GamePro.

According to new research from Activision, nearly a third of those playing the hit music series Guitar Hero are girls.

"A very large group really wants great guitar music, and they don't want us to confuse that," Guitar Hero boss Dan Rosensweig explains.

"And there's another group of people who love that, but also love to have more current music, more family music, music more popular for girls - 30 percent of our players are already girls, and we want that to grow. One of the great things about having a franchise like this is you can really meet all kinds of consumer demand."

Rosenweig believes the launch of DJ Hero will help lure even more female players.

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