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New Nintendo DS for Japanese release?

4-inch screen for fresh revision

Word on the street this evening from Japan has it that a revised Nintendo DS handheld is on the way, with a release on the cards before 2009 is out, according to Brandsonly.nl.

A revision of the DSi portable is on the cards, with a 4-inch screen said to be planned (the present model sports a 3.25-inch screen). The system will retail for the same price as the current the DSi SKU - 18,900 Yen (125 GBP, 205 USD).

According to the report, which originates from Japanese newspaper Nikkei, no release for the new model outside of Japan has been decided upon by Nintendo yet (thanks NeoGAF).

Given that Nintendo haven't officially unveiled this yet, we'll take this with a pinch of salt until further details emerge. Still your thoughts?

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