GoldenEye 2010 set for Wii?

Eurocom and Bizarre title sighted

The next Bond game from license holder Activision could be some kind of re-imagination of N64 classic GoldenEye, with the title GoldenEye 2010 apparently linked to the project.

Eurocom staffer Craig Peck apparently gives the game away via his CV, which reveals work as an animator on a 007 title for the Wii. Eurocom haven't been linked with the new game previously, but conjecture has it this could be a port of the big-daddy console version in the works at Bizarre Creations.

Bizarre have long been associated with Bond, and are said to be working on the next iteration following Quantum of Solace - with Eurocom having undertaken a port of Treyarch's previous game originally.

Fingers crossed for more information on this mysterious project soon.

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