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Strong sex scenes in GTA IV: Gay Tony

18 rating from BBFC

Word in this morning has it that the next slice of Grand Theft Auto IV DLC, The Ballad of Gay Tony, has received an 18 certification from UK censors the BBFC on the basis of the episode's sexual content.

Gay Tony is of course the latest 360-exclusive add-on for GTA IV, these slices of fresh content bundled under the Episodes from Liberty City moniker.

In addition to 'strong' sexual content, the DLC includes very strong language and hard drug use - according the ratings agency.

"The sex is quite strong, but always masked and the characters concerned are invariably fully clothed (no nudity)," reads word from the BBFC.

This new episode will land on the 29th of October, and will set you back 1600 Microsoft Points. Thanks

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