Pachter sees music games suffering stateside

Poor sales a worry for analyst

While the latest NPD sales figures out of the US saw the declining games revenues of the summer arresting, the numbers still weren't epic, analyst Michael Pachter blaming the month's big music games.

Apparently, both The Beatles: Rock Band and Guitar Hero 5 failed to sell in the quantities the analyst had predicted - word which could add further fuel to claims that the genre has peaked.

"We expected far higher sales for the month, as we succumbed to much of the hype surrounding the relatively high-profile launches of The Beatles: Rock Band and Guitar Hero 5," Pachter explained to

"We had expected the former to sell 1.3 million units, and thought that sales of the disc would drive sales of older Rock Band bundles; instead, the game sold fewer than half our estimate, and overall sales came in at 73 million USD, well below our 140 million USD estimate.

"Similarly, we thought that the giveaway of a voucher for Guitar Hero Van Halen would have great appeal, and would drive Guitar Hero 5 sales. The game sold fewer than our 700,000 unit estimate, and overall Guitar Hero sales were only 43 million USD, well below our 75 million USD unit estimate."

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