Ubisoft enlists Project Zero 2

New horror game planned by Ubi

French publisher Ubisoft has today confirmed a new deal with Japanese developer/publisher Tecmo, which will see the firm releasing a Project Zero 2 (the original was launched last year, and was rather good), in Q2 2004 throughout Europe and Australia.

Project Zero 2 - Crimson Butterfly will be heading solely to the PS2 at the moment, and the second title will be based on the same survival-horror gameplay, but with improved visuals and a plot set as a prequel to the original game. A House-of-horrors style cinematic approach to tension and atmosphere will be employed to heighten the experience, as suggested in:

Rather than using repulsive monsters or gore, the game only suggests these features, thus creating a psychological terror which is a reminder of Japanese scary movies such as "Ring". The mysterious title refers to the only weapon of the game, a strange camera already present in Project Zero. When ghosts get fully visible in the objective and the gamer presses the camera's button - moment zero - these lost souls are delivered.

"The 'survival / horror' genre is a major slice of the action/adventure games' market and we are very happy to crack into it thanks to our partnership with Tecmo", enthused Ubi MD Alain Corre. "The famous creators of Dead or Alive have now produced a 'state of the art' survival horror title with Project Zero 2. Already critically acclaimed in Japan & in the United States, we believe that European customers will be anxious to get the game when introduced into the market next Spring."

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