Music games to get boost from DJ Hero

Expanding of horizons planned

Activision believe DJ Hero can help expand the music game genre, by enticing new kinds of players to whom Guitar Hero did not appeal.

The publisher have been talking up the game's importance for some months, executives waxing lyrical on how the new music genres encapsulated in the game can expand upon Guitar Hero's audience.

"With the kind of diversity DJ Hero offers, we expect it to appeal to people who may not have yet discovered the Hero franchise," Activision's Ian McClellan tells MCV.

"The key is that the music - which comprises of over 90 mashups that are unique to DJ Hero - is still very accessible. This game will grow the category, so retail should expect this title to bring even more music-lovers into their stores - some of which may not have bought a music game before.

"Again, the investment behind this title will be at the level that they have come to expect from the Hero franchise. We believe trial is going to be very important. We are planning some heavyweight ways to introduce people to DJ Hero."

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