Newell enthused by Valve community role

Boss praises fans from down-under

Gabe Newell believes Valve really are at the heart of the gaming community, the boss talking up the firm's central positioning from Australia - where he was flown in order to meet with one game modder.

"We recognize that we really are part of this community. We talk about it a lot, that we're not up here and the community's down here, and the games snowflake in. We really are part of it," enthused the big cheese.

Newell was flown to Australia after joking that he'd go if fans could raise the money for his airfare. They did, and he went, donating the moolah to charity in the process.

"It was pretty clear that this was one of those things that the community fell in love with the idea. They wanted us to come down here and meet with Joe and give him feedback. And in our experience, it's been very bad idea when we get such a clear signal from PC gaming community, if we ignore it," Newell added. Thanks Kotaku.

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