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First WoW tour coming end of January

Beta revealed

Notices on the official forums state that the beta sign-ups for World of Warcraft will begin at the end of this month. Those of you wanting to have a sanctioned early look at this most eagerly awaited of MMORPGs are advised to visit the site at least once a day from the last week in January to help ensure that you get your name submitted before the gate slams shut. Currently undergoing an internal alpha testing phase it appears that this alpha code was released to some external testers, at least one of whom subsequently posted the code on the net for anyone to download.

This has had no impact on the timing of the beta process however, strange when you consider that the main reason given for Half-Life 2's delay was that the net code would have been compromised and needed changing before the game could get a release. Stranger still when you realise how relatively unimportant this code is to HL2 compared with WoW. Anyway, keep an eye on www.blizzard.com if you want to zub-zub online.

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