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Molyneux talks Natal support in Fable III

RPG to support motion control?

It seems Lionhead would quite like to use Natal alongside Fable III, but Peter Molyneux and his team clearly aren't quite sure in what capacity yet - the big cheese refusing to be drawn on how important the motion control technology will be to his new RPG.

"I am going to say it's going to use a controller. But I've never said it's not going to use Natal," Molyneux teased.

"I have not said that we're not going to have Natal in Fable III. All I have really said is it is a controller experience. That doesn't mean there isn't going to be Natal. Do you really think knowing me I wouldn't want to use something like Natal? I mean that's just mad, man."

So. It'll be in there. Maybe.

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