Pro Evo will embrace motion controls

Seabass talks up future support

Future editions of the Pro Evo series will include support for motion control, Konami's Shingo 'Seabass' Takatsuka has told IGN.

The veteran game designer says that future iterations of the series will support Natal on the Xbox 360, and the unnamed wand controller on the PS3.

Seabass explains: "Up until 2009 we believed all the platforms should have the same controls and features. That's no longer the case, because there are specific controllers for different machines, what with Natal and the PlayStation motion sensor system. I cannot say much, but I can say we are looking at integrating those devices into our games very aggressively."

The designer adds that future Pro Evo releases will also take on board epic amounts of fan feedback, Konami presumably looking to meet the challenge posed by EA's FIFA series head-on.

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