Battle heats up between UK game retailers

Indies express concern over supermarket roles

Independent game retailers are getting pretty hot and bothered in the UK, stores railing against the big supermarket chains who are selling games as loss-leaders.

FIFA 10, one of the hot favourites for Christmas number one, is being sold by retail giants Tesco and Asda for just 25 GBP - far less than game stores can discount EA Sports' opus.

Some indie retailers are now demanding legislation to protect them from big chains selling games at a loss - with such laws already in place on the continent.

"It's bully boy pricing really. Other countries have laws against this selling at a loss for very good reason," Don McCabe tells

"Once theyve got the whole market they'll expand their profits, reduce the choice and screw the suppliers. The only thing that can be done is what other countries have, which is to recognize the insidious march of the supermarkets model is detrimental to the consumer ultimately."

Your thoughts?

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