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LostWinds maker unimpressed by iPhone games

Braben says App Store is flooded with dross

David Braben, the mastermind behind classic sim Elite and puzzler LostWinds, has said that the iPhone's App Store is full of 'rubbish' games.

The veteran designer says Apple should be more picky about the titles given App Store approval, and that this will make it easier for the 'good' games to gain exposure on the burgeoning format.

"There's a little bit of a 'gate keeper' thing with Nintendo which raises the bar very slightly because you've got to have dev kits, but that's a good thing. Look at iPhone; there are so many games that aren't up to scratch, without being too negative about it. It's very hard to find the good stuff amongst the rubbish," Braben told CVG.

"Another thing I resent is applications or games that are designed to look like something else that's been successful and people accidentally buy them, or they're slightly cheaper and they assume they're getting a cheaper version or the same thing."

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