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Molyneux speaks out against game demos

Veteran isn't a fan of trials

Lionhead boss and game design veteran Peter Molyneux isn't a fan of demos, we learn today, the executive describing game snippets as the 'death knell of experiences'.

Instead, Molyneux believes gaming firms should give away the opening chunks of the their games in order to lure players - an approach Lionhead are taking in offering the first episodic part of Fable II for free on Xbox Live.

"I hate demos. I think demos are the death knell of experiences," he revealed to Edge.

"Over the years I've done demos and they've either completely ruined the game, given too much to the player, or they've confused people, so I said that we should give away the very first 45 minutes of the game, completely free."

Fable II episode I is online now.

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