Chinese PS2 release delayed


As you may have heard, the PS2 was supposed to launch in major towns and cities around China come December 20th - after a much-delayed and deliberated build-up to launch. However at the eleventh hour it appears Sony have put the proposed launch on hold, offering little by means of explanation. Apparently, the market which Sony were planning to enter has been deemed 'unsuitable', with the firm offering no alternative release date.

The reference from Sony to market conditions may be as a result of the firm's concern regarding the piracy situation which is rife in the People's Republic - a problem which the PS2 does little to combat - unlike the recently released Nintendo iQue, which uses a closed distribution system for selling new games and therefore helps address the situation.

With the iQue seemingly taking the right approach to this challenging market then, it may that Sony have gone back to the drawing board with regard to anti-piracy measures, but regardless of the cause of this second delay to the PS2's Chinese launch, we'll keep you posted. Thanks to

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