Square and PopCap team up for new RPG

TGS unveiling for PC, XBLA release

Yet more headline-grabbing news out of the Tokyo Game Show this morning, word reaching us of an unusual deal that will see casual-masters PopCap teaming up with Japanese RPG experts Square Enix for a new game.

A puzzle-focussed RPG called Gyromancer will be the fruit of this partnership, and we hear it'll be released on the PC as well as the Xbox Live Arcade.

Part of Gyromancer's gameplay will be taken from PopCap stalwart Bejeweled Twist, while the lead character will be a mage tasked with tackling some 10 stages and over 50 monstrous foes.

No release date has been offered, but both companies are clearly hopefully they have a hit on their hands; PopCap presumably keen to increase their presence in the Japanese games market.

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