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Sunset Overdrive White Xbox One hardware bundle confirmed

Madden 15 console bundle also announced

Microsoft has confirmed today's rumours that they will be releasing a brand new White Xbox One hardware bundle later this year.

The game will come with a copy of Insomniac's Xbox One-exclusive shooter Sunset Overdrive later on this year.

The rumours indicated that the bundle would cost 399 EUR which would seem to indicate that it will not include Kinect however Microsoft has also revealed a Madden 15 hardware bundle that will cost 399 USD (European and US Xbox One prices are usually the same) and it will include Kinect. Sunset Overdrive White Xbox One hardware bundle confirmed

The Madden 15 bundle is due to release alongside the latest NFL title on August the 26th in North America but there's no release date as yet for the white Xbox One Sunset Overdrive bundle although it will probably launch when the game releases on October the 26th.

Thanks Polygon.

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