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250Gb PS3 bundle sports FF XIII

New 40,000 Yen pack for Japan

Yet more from Sony's Tokyo Game Show press conference now, Kaz Hirai having lifted the lid on a brand new Final Fantasy XIII PS3 bundle, set for release in Japan.

According to Engadget, the new bundle will include a 250Gb console alongside a copy of Square Enix's new RPG, and will retail for 41,600 Yen. That's 283 GBP or nearly 460 USD, if you prefer.

The new pack will be unleashed on December 17th, we're told, and this is likely to give Sony's console a sizeable boost in Japan.

The latest in Square's role-playing series is a PS3 exclusive in Japan anyhow, while in the West the game will also be unleashed on the Xbox 360.

Excitingly, we're told that Final Fantasy VIII has launched on the PSN, in Japan, as of today. More soon.

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