Ex-GRIN Final Fantasy game still due?

Loss of big title forced collapse of developer

Swedish game developer GRIN may be gone, but their long-rumoured Final Fantasy related project apparently survived the studio's collapse, publisher Square Enix having taken the game away from the firm shortly after development began.

We're still not actually sure what this spin-off title is all about, but word has it that the game is presently in the works at Square Enix, who are intent upon picking up where GRIN left-off.

Codenamed 'Fortress', the new title was apparently taken away from GRIN after only six months of development, and the loss of this project was one of the reasons behind the developer's collapse.

GRIN worked on Bionic Commando for Capcom, and their work with this old Japanese franchise perhaps inspired the ill-fated Square Enix partnership. GRIN was forced to shut up shop over the summer owing to severe cash flow issues.


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