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Mythic to sue Microsoft

Mythica name challenged

Reuters today bring word that Dark Ages of Camelot developer Mythic Entertainment has revealed plans to sue Microsoft, over an alleged trademark infringement in Microsoft's forthcoming MMORPG Mythica. The case was filed in a Virginia court last month, and reportedly concerns Mythic's fear that Microsoft's game title could cause confusion among consumers.

"We would expect Microsoft to react no differently if someone launched an operating system called Microsofta just as Microsoft did when confronted with an operating system called Lindows," commented Mythic President and Chief Executive Mark Jacobs. The online PC game Mythica also employs elements of Norse mythology, much like Mythic's own Dark Ages of Camelot; hence the privately held developer's fear that some confusion amongst gamers might be generated.

The case seeks damages and an injunction against Redmond, more on this as we get it.

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