Fresh art from ex-Ensemble Halo game spied

Artist's blog reveals work on Halo Universe?

Halo Wars creators Ensemble may have been closed down by Microsoft after the release of this popular RTS title, but that doesn't mean all is quiet on this front. Quite the opposite, in fact, with new Halo-related artwork leaking out of the defunct game maker.

First we heard talk of a Halo MMO project that never reached fruition, and now yet more concept images reach us on what could be a game called Halo Universe - which may or may not be related to the online game that never was.

Vast, future cityscapes would have been the order of the day if this art is anything to go by - while artist Dylan Cole's website apparently lets slip work on the project. Fresh art from ex-Ensemble Halo game spied

The caption below one piece reads "Halo Universe City", which perhaps hints at the game's name, beyond just a description of the setting.

Cole isn't giving any more away on this impressive art just yet, but having already admitted the pictures related to a canceled project it seems likely the ex-Halo MMO is at play again. More as we get it.

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