Street Fighter news coming from Capcom?

But what is it?

Street Fighter IV was an unequivocal hit when it was released earlier this year, Capcom's retro revival of the classic beat 'em up franchise wowing old school fans and critics alike. There could be more to come, too.

Chatting on a Japanese Street Fighter blog, hardcore fan Natsuki Shiozawa claims that an official Street Fighter announcement will soon be made by the publisher.

It is unclear how trustworthy this source is, given news-of-news is usually not be indulged in. Then again, while this might not be Street Fighter V, it could be a new flavour based on IV.

Capcom has previously hinted that fresh characters could be added to the game in the near future, producer Yoshinori Ono having in the past said that T.Hawk and Dee Jay are on the way.

More soon. Thanks IGN.

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