Obsidian RPG to rise from Aliens ashes

New game will use engine

Sega and Obsidian's RPG based on Aliens is very much dead, but we won't know why and what next until 2011 - according to boss Feargus Urquardt.

Apparently, Obsidian would like to talk about where it all went wrong, but they're covered by a non-disclosure agreement for at least another year.

"It's a tough thing for us, because it means we're all still under a non-disclosure agreement, at least for awhile," the CEO told US blog Joystiq. "We have our ideas, but they're purely opinions and they could be absolutely wrong. The NDA was two years past termination, so talk to us in February 2011."

In more promising news, the gaming boss reveals that the technology behind the Aliens RPG will be put to work on a secret new project. Still, all will seemingly be revealed come February 2011 - regarding the demise of the Aliens project. One for the calendar?

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