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The Beatles: Rock Band: SingStar is real

But we can't believe the name

Over GamesCom it was rumoured that a Beatles version of SingStar could be on the way for the PS3, chit-chat dismissed as idle gossip at the time.

Today, however, it emerges that The Beatles: Rock Band: SingStar (seriously) is on the way, the PS3 only release bundling a copy of The Beatles: Rock Band with two microphones. The same mics used in SingStar, in fact.

The two mics in question are both the wired variety, sadly, and the game will of course be compatible with all the usual instruments sold in the full release.

A release later this month is mooted - and there's a rumour flying around that it'll only be available in PAL regions (Europe, the middle-east and Australasia). Thanks MCV.

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