Bon Jovi understands Cobain GH5 stir

Singer appreciates Love's stance

Kurt Cobain's widow is planning to sue Activision over the use of her late husband's likeness in Guitar Hero 5, Courtney Love riled that the game sees Cobain's in-game character singing other artist's songs.

Love says that she only granted Activision the right use Cobain's likeness for Nirvana tracks, and rocker Jon Bon Jovi has waded into the debate saying that he too was approached by the publisher to appear in Guitar Hero 5.

"I had the paperwork, they wanted me to be on that game and I just passed," Bon Jovi told the BBC.

"But no-one even broached the subject with me that I would be singing other people's stuff. I dont know how I would have reacted to that. I don't know that I would have wanted it either."

He concluded: "To hear someone else's voice coming out of a cartoon version of me? I don't know. It sounds a little forced."

We'll bring you more Activision's legal tussle with Love as we get it.

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